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Oklahoma State University

ECEN Courses

ENSC 2613 — Introduction to Electrical Science

Circuit variables, Sources, Ohm's Law, Kirchoff's Laws, Dependent sources, Resistors, divider circuits Meter movements, ammeter, voltmeter, Node voltage method, mesh currents, Source transformations Thevenin and Norton circuits, Operational Amplifiers, Inductors, capacitors, RL and RC natural response and general response, The phasor, circuit elements, Impedance Combinations, Phasor diagrams, resonance, Real and reactive power, RMS values, Complex power, power calculations, Maximum power transfer.

ECEN 3613 — Electromagnetic Fields

Time-harmonic and transient response of transmission lines. Maxwells equations and their applications to engineering problems in electrostatics, magnetostatics, time-harmonic fields and plane wave propagation.

ECEN 3623 — Mathematical Foundations of Electromagnetics and Photonics

Lab 2. Mathematical and computational treatment of fundamental electromagnetic theory, with applications to microwave engineering, photonics and semiconductor design. Energy and power; Laplace and Poisson equations; wave equation including reflection, refraction, and diffraction; and classical electromagnetic radiation at macroscopic and microscopic levels.

ECEN 4613 — Microwave Engineering

Aspects of propagation, transmission, and radiation of microwave energy. Plane wave propagation; lossless and lossy media, reflection, refraction, and polarization. Transmission line theory; lumped element model, characteristic impedance, impedance matching, and transient response. Theory of waveguides and cavity resonators. Microwave network theory and S-parameters. Introduction to radiating systems.

ECEN 5613 — Electromagnetic Field Theory

First graduate level treatment of classical electromagnetic theory. Wave equation, potential theory, boundary conditions. Rectangular, cylindrical and spherical wave functions. Conducting and dielectric guiding structures. Scattering and radiation. Introduction to numerical techniques.

ECEN 5623 — Antenna Theory

Fundamental antenna parameters, including directivity, efficiency, radiation resistance, and pattern. Analysis of dipole, loop, aperture, broad- band, and traveling wave antennas. Array theory. Introduction to numerical techniques used in modern antenna design.

ECEN 5633 — Radar Theory

Theoretical treatment of radar principles. Overview of radar systems and techniques, radar equation, integration of signals. Radar cross-section of single and multiple targets. Waveform design, resolution, ambiguities and accuracy. Range, speed and angular measurements. Detection of targets in noise. Statistical description of clutter. Signal processing techniques.

ECEN 5643 — Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communications

Aspects of radiowave propagation for fixed and mobile communication systems. Review of Maxwell's equations and plane wave propagation, antenna principles. Reflection, refraction, diffraction, fading and scintillation, attenuation, ducting, diversity. Propagation in a cellular environment. Satellite communications.